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6 Security Loopholes That Threaten Private Blockchains; With Tips To Secure Yours Against Vulnerabilities

Risk Management and the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

SIEM is Dead -Long Live SIEM

SAMPLE RFP Questions: SOC Build/Optimization Services

NYDFS Cyber Security Regulations - Made Easy (Part 3 Final)

Our Top 10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2017

Is Internet of Things becoming Internet of INSECURE Things?

NYDFS Cyber Security Regulations - Made Easy (Part 2)

NYDFS Cyber Security Regulations - Made Easy (Part 1)

What is Vulnerability Intelligence? The 5 Data Challenges It Solves.

6 IoT Security Worries that could ruin your Internet-of-Things Party

10 Basic Things Every Organization MUST-DO for Cybersecurity

Managing Information Risk For Digital Age: Why It's Not About Security

Pokemon GO - Security lessons you just cannot afford to miss !

Why Security Analytics, What are Your Choices, and When?

Will a Bug Bounty Program Make Your Enterprise Secure?

CISOs - 10 Questions to Find if Vulnerability Management is Working

10 Ways CIOs & CISOs Can Beat Talent Crunch in Information Security

How to Make SIEM to Mitigate Advanced Threats ?

4 Immediate Changes to make Traditional Vulnerability Management to Work

Time to Re-think Vulnerability Management ? These 5 Facts Say So...

13 Different Phishing Tactics and 1 Way to Prevent It

How can Internet of Things (IoT) Not become a pain-in-the-a$$ from a cyber security perspective?

30-Sec Guide: How to save from DROWNing?

Encounter with Mobile Malware

Mobile Phishing: Thief right in your pockets

Venom Vulnerablity

Logjam (CVE-2015-4000) – Are you FREAKed again?

Fundamentals of Secure Code Review - Part 1

Key learning from Security Breaches of 2014

How to design a Cryptographic Solution – Part 2

A Glimpse into Mobile Security

How to design a Cryptographic Solution - Part 1

FREAK Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0204)

Understanding and Testing Web Services- Part 1

Shadows are there to protect your Passwords (How Shadow-Utils is storing your password in Linux)

Aujas Security Analytics Platform wins laurels at DSCI Security Summit

The Escalating Trend in cyber-security

Understanding and Fixing the POODLE SSL Vulnerability (CVE­2014­3566)

SHELLSHOCK - [CVE-2014-6271]

Five Things You Ought to Know to Prevent a Vishing Attack

Aujas to Unveil Two New Information Security Services at IBM Pulse 2014

Aujas Raises Series B Funding

Aujas is now an Amazon Consulting Partner

BYOD and A

Emerging Trends in IT Security in 2014

Top Information Security Stories of 2013

Cloud Application Security consideration and Mitigation

Data Loss Prevention – A Technology or System?

Sisyphus meets Athena

India’s National Cyber-security Policy – A Perspective and Analysis

ISMS in a brave new world

How to Pen-Test Java Applet

How to hack through Phone Ring Test

How to integrate vulnerability risk into larger business risk using GRC tool

Data Centric World: Zen and the Art of Data Protection

No More Data Leaks- Tip 3: Telling is not enough, you have to show

No More Data Leaks - Tip 2: Does Data Classification Help

Data Centric World: A Common Sense Guide to Data Management

No More Data Leaks - Tip 1: Do a Data Leakage Assessment

Data Centric World: A Brief History of Data Protection

A Quick Test to find out if your Company is really serious about Security

Getting Your Data Leakage Protection Right

A Quick Overview of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Solution

The Need for SAP Identity Management

Should Organizations be concerned about Open Source Software Compliance?

Identity and Access Management: Before and After Scenario

Securing B2C Mobile Applications

Identity and Access Management: Before and After Scenario

The Smooth Sailing Fallacy - CEO's Watch-Out - Your ERP may be Insecure!

High Performance SAP Security – Guard Your Business, Not Just Your SAP ERP

Aujas signs with Palamida to offer Intellectual Property and Security compliance services

Aujas wins NASSCOM EMERGE 50 2011 award and also Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2011 award

Managing Risk of Privileged Access and Activity Management

Consumerization is Real

Download the Risky Business eBook for Insights into Information Security

Outlook for Mobile payment adoption in India is Bright, but Security is still a big concern

Aujas Opens New Office in California to Focus on Global Growth

Secure Software Development by Design

Aujas among the Most-Requested Information Risk / IT Security Firms at 2011 CIO & IT Security Forum

Mitigating Security Risks in USSD-Based Mobile Payment Applications

Windows Azure: Build Secure Applications by Design

Amazon EC2 Failures Are a Wakeup Call for Cloud Customers

Phishers Target Social Media, Are You the Victim?

Amazon EC2 Failures Are a Wakeup Call for Cloud Customers

Phishers Target Social Media, Are you the Victim?

The Business Case for Secure Development Lifecycle

Data-Breach Risk Is Not Only from Insider Threats

Data Protection and Controls – Does Format Really Matter?

Data Governance – What We Need to Think About

Cloud Computing – Security Threats and More...

Right to Internet Use

Right to Internet Use

Security Breaches Continue to Grow

Effective Data Protection Requires More than Technology

What Is Needed for Data Protection?

5 Hot Topics in Information Security for 2011

Aujas and RSA 2011 - Come by Our Booth

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Security in the Cloud

Secure Code Development Is in Your Future

Ephemeral Borders: Privacy and Security of Data in the Cloud

Operating in the Cloud – Sunny with a Chance of RISK!

Consumerization of the Enterprise

More than Password Resets – Identity and Access Management’s Real Value

Wikileaks Fallout: DLP Helps But Doesn't Solve, Analysts Say

Single Sign-On – Choosing Practical over Paranoid Security

HIMSS Survey of Security Pros Is Food for Thought

PCI DSS Version 2.0 – Ready?

New Trends in Phishing Attacks

Mobile Security with J2ME

Information Risk Management and M+As Part 2

Identity and Access Management – This must be your project, not your partners’!

Vulnerability Management – Have You Thought about It Lately?

Ephemeral Borders: Privacy and Security of Data in the Cloud

Information Risk Management Concerns in Merger & Acquisition – A Point of View

Physical Security Controls – Where Are We Lacking?

Converged Identity and Access Management - Final

How I Hacked My Car Manufacturer

Number of Breaches Going Up and Up!

Understanding the Need for Converged Access Control

Stuxnet Accelerates Exponential Decay!

The Need for Converging Identities

Cyber Crime: The Ominous Writing on the Wall

Converged Identity and Access Management

Secure File Uploads - Risky?

Curbing Access Risk: Role Based Access Governance

The Curse of Compliance

Psychometric Analysis: Developers and Security testers

Addressing Phishing Risk

Social Networking & Security

Security by the Wall

Economics of Security

Aujas completes 2 years of successful operations

ALL is well !

Aujas @ CIO Year Ahead | 2010

The Four Diplomatic Principles

The Colombo experience - learnings for our Security posture

The Long Tail of Security

IT Amendment Act, 2008- An act to amend the IT Act 2000

The Long Tail of Security

Our Psychology and Security: The way we think

Aujas achieves Indian Computer Emergency Response Team’s (CERT-IN) Empanelment

IT Amendment Act, 2008- An act to amend the IT Act 2000


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