Aujas has unveiled its second next-gen Cyber Defense Center in Mumbai. The launch happened during an event themed – “Automating Cybersecurity for the Fintech Vertical.”

If you missed watching the live event, you can view the recording here or read the event details below.

Since its inception, Aujas has been building and transforming the security posture of businesses worldwide. This event is a step forward in the same direction to reiterate the company’s resolve and commitment to match the rapidly changing need of the evolving threat landscape. The next-gen Cyber Defense Center’s launch resonates with our vision to secure every organization from the rising consequence of cybercrime.

The 2-hour event was an enthralling and insightful experience. Eminent speakers resonated the need to transform capital markets’ security posture, including banks and financial institutions. They collectively expressed their opinion on how this Cyber Defense Center will be a critical asset in protecting this country’s capital market ecosystem.

Key Speaker Opinions

Establish cyber trust

The digital landscape is proliferating faster, and there is a lot of sensitive data and information transacted across digital channels. Due to the increased use of cyber espionage, sophisticated attacks using AI-ML driven attacks, and weaponized communication to steal data, the time has come to instill cyber trust to encourage digital transformation across industries. This trust is critical and cannot be built alone by any company. It calls for partnership, collaboration, and platforms. This Cyber Defense Center is an effort to create a platform to enable 24x7 monitoring, detection, and response. The Defense Center is the second. The first one is in Bengaluru. There are plans to open Cyber Defense Centers in Saudi Arabia and the USA. Aujas has also created a Fusion Engine driven by AI-ML to monitor cyberspace continuously and forewarn threat vectors that might attack an organization.

Adopt next-gen security solutions

Cyber Risk is one of the top threats to financial markets today. The damage to public trust and confidence is due to cyber incidents can undermine the integrity of global financial markets. The traditional approach to security must change. Next-gen cybersecurity solutions are critical for capital market firms to grow and prosper in a hyper-connected world. An integrated approach to cybersecurity can bring in trust, enabling firms to win the business confidence of stakeholders, investors, and customers. Capital markets must adopt effective governance, adopt global best practices, and partner with niche cybersecurity companies to mitigate risk. Aujas offers a unified approach to cybersecurity. Its advanced CDC enables the alignment of people, processes, and technologies and is the center of security excellence. The CDC can evolve the security posture of capital and fintech markets, helping them meet regulatory demands and respond to new challenges.

Strengthen cyber resilience

Remote work has reemphasized the need to strengthen the need for cyber resilience in the fintech sector. The total number of digital payment transactions is increasing year on year, leading to a swell in malicious activities. Some of the cyber threats faced by fintech firms and users regularly are malware customized to the nature of online financial transactions. The other dangers include data breaches due to storage of sensitive data and credentials on websites or mobile devices, improper configuration of cloud environments or software vulnerabilities, poor application security, weak security passwords, and managing digital identities. Attacks driven by AI-Ml are sophisticated and are difficult to trace; they can cause an attack or exploit a weakness rapidly. Most firms find it challenging to tackle such threats due to a lack of resources and skill. Fintech service providers must take steps to enable transparency and security by mitigating such risks. Fintech is the torchbearer in the digital financial services industry, particularly in the post-Covid world. This event will be a step forward in driving awareness on cyber resilience in the fintech sector to make it robust and resilient.

Security automation must be human-centric

Security automation in the cybersecurity space is happening quite rapidly. This includes adoption of Machine Learning, SOAR, Microservices, Robotics, Threat Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Breach and Attack Simulation Platform, etc. The risk is that automation can create new challenges if it lacks the clarity of objectives, expected outcomes, and an organization’s context. It has benefits such as accuracy to reduce errors, speed to react faster, manage large volumes of data, consistency to be repeatable and predictive, and efficiently execute the right tasks. Though automation is hugely beneficial, it works best along with humans. Though machines are good at repetitive tasks and complex computations, humans are indispensable for creative thinking, context comprehension, and building relationships.

A human-centric cybersecurity automation approach, which applies to an organization’s expected outcomes and context, is the key for this element of cybersecurity transformation to work. The evolving capital market ecosystem is an ideal candidate for cybersecurity transformation using automation. It can add excellent value to the well-established traditional security models.

Secure digital transformation

The big question posed by the enterprise leadership teams is how to secure the expanding digital landscape consisting of innumerable devices and large volumes of data. These devices and data are targeted by cybercriminals and must be protected, including client environments. Using the Security Operations Center to mitigate threats is a traditional approach.

A Cyber Defense Center (CDC) is the ideal solution to secure a digital ecosystem. Aujas CDC leverages Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to transform security posture. MDR services offer proactive, ML-driven threat detection, monitoring, and response capabilities for different technology infrastructure layers. A Cyber Defense Center has an integrated cybersecurity approach and unifies Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services. CDC enables proactive threat identification and response through Security Orchestration and Automation and Security (SOAR) and Security information and event management (SIEM).

Aujas CDC offers machine learning based advanced threat detection, endpoint detection and response, proactive threat discovery, and kill chain based advanced threat tracking. It also provides deep investigation capabilities through data visualization to highlight and identify attack dynamics. SOAR based automation is another feature of the CDC to enable rapid incident response, reduce manual processes, reduce false positives, and save costs. With 24x7 monitoring capabilities, it can examine security events, validate incidents, manage breaches, & drive responses, including visual dashboards for faster compliance.

The Aujas Cyber Defense Center is built around the technology stack from industry leading names such IBM, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, Securaa, iZoologic, Cyware, ServiceNow, and is managed by more than 400 certified professionals experienced in managing mission-critical SOCs.

Ensure a holistic approach to cybersecurity

In a panel discussion, experts highlighted the need for an inclusive outlook towards cybersecurity. This must include securing remote workforce, enhancing customer and employee awareness on cyberattacks, managing regulatory requirements, mitigating cloud risks, and bringing in human-centric security automation to adapt to changing security needs such as scale, consistency, and lack of resources.

Thanks to participants, speakers, and panellists

The Cyber Defense Center represents the best Aujas has to offer to global businesses in terms of cybersecurity capabilities. This has been possible due to the decades of experience the company has in engineering cybersecurity transformation. Thanks to the leadership of Aujas and every employee of Aujas who has been at the forefront of securing client interests even during trying times. We thank all the participants, speakers and panelists, and CyberMedia for organizing this event.

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