Importance of cybersecurity and working in Saudi as a cybersecurity professional


The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest nations and ranks among the top 20 nations in terms of annual GDP. One of the flourishing countries of the Middle East, the country’s size, wealth, and economic prominence has made it a high-profile target for cyber attackers. To counter this menace, Saudi Arabia has established the National Cybersecurity Authority to protect the country’s assets from cyber threats and quickly respond to cyber incidents.


The Cybersecurity imperative

The rising adoption of digital platforms and services offered by both government and private organizations has made the Kingdom take drastic steps to establish a security infrastructure to combat attacks and threats. There is also a high demand for security consulting and advisory services, along with increased awareness of security threats and risks among small-medium enterprises and large corporates. 

Here is what Eng. Naveed Shafeek Ahmed (Information Security & IT Governance Consultant, General Department for Security Control National Information Centre Presidency of State Security, Saudi Arabia) has got to say, “Increasingly, the trend among organizations in the kingdom is to invest in security professionals. The government is working towards enhancing cybersecurity skill sets among its citizens through exchange programs, sponsoring cybersecurity education abroad, supporting cybersecurity conferences, etc.”


Working in Saudi as a cybersecurity professional

Aujas Cybersecurity has been a part of the Kingdom’s vision of securing its landscape from hacks and threats. Aujas is catering to the security needs of organizations in Saudi Arabia and has a strong presence in the Middle East.

Aujasians are eager to work here, as it offers challenging opportunities to test their skills and grow valuable expertise. Here is what they say about working in Saudi Arabia.

Prathamesh M. is Aujas’s Lead Consultant working in Saudi, he says, “Aujas also has some of the most reputed banks, and government establishments are its clients, these clients also have the best professionals and experts in cybersecurity. Clients have an open mind to creative ideas and welcome new ways of solving problems, this gives us enough freedom at work to execute projects”. He is also impressed at the living spaces and the food the Kingdom got to offer.

You get a Sunday to Thursday workweek, with weekends being Fridays and Saturdays.

You can also experience good workplace ethics, “Clients are very friendly, and they wish you every day with a smile. The teammates are supportive and have a collaborative mindset,” says Naveen S. working as a security consultant.

Saudi has also made notable advancements in adopting enterprise risk management practices. Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and Capital Markets Authority are always updated on the regulatory standards that are in sync with North American and European counterparts. RSA Archer is widely used for integrated risk management practices among the organizations, Pranay V. an Aujas consultant, says, “I have been traveling to Riyadh for projects for more than a year now. It has been a great learning experience for me as I got the opportunity to work on various modules of RSA Archer. I find the people here gracious, hospitable, and supportive. Sachin A. Principal Consultant, is finding the culture diverse and inclusive, “Civic amenities to live and work are well planned, and people are easy to get along with. You can get Indian food and household items; more than 30% of the population are expats, and they live happily.” says Sachin.

The kingdom also offers a pleasant work environment that is productive and friendly. Pramod G. Lead Consultant, has this to say, “You can experience the right work-life balance; clients expect the best output, and they appreciate the excellent work done by you. They are very courteous and professional in their behavior. You also get to work with the best technologies, and clients are keen to comprehend the latest technology in the market. “

You also get an excellent intercultural experience by working there. You get to taste food from various regions, learn more about different cultures, get to meet people from different countries, Mayank B. Senior Consultant says, “People are professional enough to respect your personal space. They are friendly, accommodative, and get along with you quickly. The best thing is that even if someone knows you here or not, they will greet you in the local language and ask you how you are doing today!


Cybersecurity – A prerequisite, not an option

There are increased efforts of spreading awareness and strengthening cybersecurity culture through education, compliance, legislation, and governance across Saudi Arabia. Cybersecurity has become a prerequisite in the country and not an option. Saudi Arabia is also continually implementing new security mandates to counter the new age of espionage.


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