Software products today are the result of reuse of code from many sources, especially open source software. It is a good strategy, if you go by the principle “Why build when you can re-use?” There are definite benefits including faster time to market and lower costs. The only hitch is open source software comes with their own legal requirements, security issues and intellectual property content.

So it becomes mandatory to have a framework in place to ensure that the security and legal status of resulting applications are managed well. We are seeing an increased demand from our clients to help them understand the content in their software projects. Given that for a lot of applications, more than 50% of code is open source or third party code.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Palamida, a leader in application security for open source software headquartered in San Francisco. The partnership will help Aujas deliver solutions to assist clients to manage the intellectual property content to their software products. Aujas will enhance our Secure Development life cycle (SDL) services with software composition analysis services, which will help in quickly identifying and track undocumented code, associated security vulnerabilities as well as intellectual property and compliance issues, enabling organizations to cost-effectively manage and secure mission critical applications and products.For more information click here.

Software security is one of the biggest risk in the industry today, and while the industry is definitely taking steps to address this issue, it is still too little given the scale of the issue. We are exploring innovative ways to address these risk and help clients with tackle this issue effectively with our SDL services. Our partnership with Palamida is one more step in this direction.