Our client is one of the largest telecom companies in Middle East Asia, with a customer base approaching 2.4 million. They had launched enterprise mobile applications to their users and implemented Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for their employees.

BYOD programs allow employees to be flexible about where and when they work. In fact, an IBM study reported that 80% of employee thinks BYOD plays critical role in business. With such positive figures, it is hard for companies to avoid employees using their own tablets or mobile phones to conduct business. These devices, however, also pose security risks for a company. If it is lost or stolen, weak device security may result in unintended access to private or sensitive applications and data. So it is essential to plan for BYOD implementation to avoid security breaches and other issues. But this is no easy task: Strategy and governance, regulatory compliance, device management, and security risks are among the major challenges enterprises face when trying to define and implement BYOD.