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Penetration testing, or pen testing, is an ethical hacking technique that focuses on finding and fixing security flaws in networks, systems, and applications. However, not all penetration testing companies follow the same standards, which can create risks when providing access to sensitive information and data.

When searching for a penetration test provider, it is important to have confidence in their capabilities. A good place to start is with CREST accreditation, a sign of quality penetration testing. But what sets CREST penetration tests apart from other assessments? A CREST certification signifies that a penetration testing firm conducts and documents the process according to the most rigorous legal, ethical, and technical guidelines. CREST certification is internationally recognized and demonstrates that the penetration test adheres to industry best practices and standards.

What is CREST?

CREST, a prestigious international non-profit, serves as a beacon in the cybersecurity industry. With a mission to cultivate a secure digital landscape, CREST meticulously evaluates and accredits its 300 member companies worldwide, ensuring strict adherence to quality standards.

Through collaborative efforts with governments, regulatory bodies, and academia, CREST fortifies personal information, national security, and critical infrastructures against emerging cyber threats. By rigorously scrutinizing member companies' policies, processes, and procedures, CREST guarantees the delivery of exceptional cybersecurity services, instilling confidence in businesses and officials alike.

One of CREST’s most significant accomplishments is its globally recognized certifications for cybersecurity experts, demonstrating technical excellence and adherence to ethical standards. As a trusted authority in the cybersecurity world, CREST has grown beyond its roots in the UK, operating in multiple regions, including the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, and EMEA.

Benefits of CREST penetration testing

To attain CREST accreditation, companies undergo a thorough assessment of business processes, data security, and security testing methodologies. They must submit policies and procedures related to their cybersecurity services for evaluation. Accreditation is not a one-time achievement but requires ongoing annual reapplications and full reassessments every three years to maintain status. Additionally, members adhere to a binding code of conduct, ensuring accountability and addressing client complaints. CREST member companies, meeting the gold standard in penetration testing, ensure trusted, professional, and technically adept services, fostering strong client relationships.

Some of the benefits of CREST-accredited penetration testing are as follows:

  • Industry recognition: CREST certification is globally acknowledged and signifies that a vendor complies with industry-leading practices and standards. This certification assures organizations that the penetration testing will be carried out by proficient professionals with the requisite skills and expertise. CREST-certified penetration testers undergo rigorous evaluations to validate their skills and competence. With ongoing professional experience prerequisites, they stay updated on the latest security practices.
  • Enhanced customer confidence: A CREST accreditation assures customers that strict security measures are in place to protect their data.
  • Regulatory compliance support: CREST-certified companies are required to adhere to strict ethical guidelines and standards established by the organization. This includes following a structured methodology for conducting penetration testing and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as CCPA, GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST Regulations, and PCI DSS.
  • Global recognition: CREST accreditation is recognized worldwide, assuring companies with international operations or those serving overseas clients. Working with a CREST-accredited provider ensures credibility and effectiveness.
  • Continuous expertise updates: CREST ensures that its certified professionals stay updated on the latest security developments through periodic certification updates and participation in industry events and workshops.

The Aujas Cybersecurity advantage

Aujas Cybersecurity is a CREST-approved vendor. Our CREST-certified pen test team is equipped to simulate real-world attacks, providing invaluable insights into your organization's security preparedness and potential breach magnitude.

Our CREST-certified penetration testing services can help your organization by:

  • Customizing penetration testing services in alignment with your business and organization’s threat profile.
  • Safely simulate the most sophisticated attacks to evaluate the risk state and identify suitable remediation.
  • Providing actionable reports on your existing and exploitable security vulnerabilities.
  • Classifying threats and suggest ways to overcome them.
  • Optimally driving penetration tests due diligence to maximize return on investment.

With dual empanelment by both CREST and CERT-In, we guarantee that our testing methodologies, processes, and deliverables adhere to the most stringent global industry standards. The company's innovative hybrid delivery model, expert at utilizing onsite, offshore, or offsite resources as necessary, ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

We reinforce our commitment to strict security standards with our ISO 27001-certified global Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs). These centers serve as hubs of excellence in maintaining and upholding rigorous security protocols. We boast extensive experience in navigating global compliance frameworks such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27002, further solidifying our credibility and trustworthiness. MITRE, OWASP, NIST, and SANS are some of the global penetration testing standards we comply with.

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) is led by a team of over 250 cybersecurity professionals. Industry-leading certifications like OSCP, CCSP, and CISSP validate the expertise and reliability of our professionals.

Partner with us to fortify your security posture!